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Reviewing Standard 2.9.1 - Infant Formula

(August 2017)

FSANZ is reviewing Standard 2.9.1 – Infant Formula Products and other standards in the Code that regulate infant formula.

The aim of this work is to ensure regulation of infant formula is clear and reflects the latest scientific evidence. We are also considering harmonising the Code with international regulations. 

In 2016, FSANZ consulted on issues relating to infant formula (for use from birth to <12 months of age). View the consultation paper and stakeholder comments

As a result of that consultation, we are expanding the review to assess infant formula for special dietary use. We are now seeking stakeholder views on a range of issues for this product category. You can also find this consultation paper on the P1028 page.

There will be additional opportunities to provide comments as the proposal progresses.

What is not included in the review?

We anticipate that follow-on formula (for use from 6 months <12 months of age) will be considered in later projects; however toddler milks (designed for children 1–3 years) will not be reviewed in these projects. 

Stay informed 

If you wish to be placed on a mailing list for future advice about changes to Standard 2.9.1, please complete the details on this form (word 101 kb) and send to the Standards Management Officer at or phone +61 2 6271 2280.

More information

Policy Guideline

Infant and Child Health Scientific Advisory Group

Proposal P1028 - Infant Formula

Consultation paper (2012)

A consultation paper released in 2012 sought stakeholder feedback on issues including the operation of the current standards relating to infant formula products, composition of infant formula products and labelling and advertising of infant formula products. 

Consultation Paper 2012 (pdf 247 kb) | (word 316 kb)

Supporting document 1 - Composition comparisons to Codex standards (pdf 174 kb) | (word 80 kb)

Submissions (zip file 2077 kb) and late comments (zip 805 kb)

Consultation summary (pdf 219 kb) | (word 100 kb)


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