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​Australian Public Service employee census 2020

Every year the Australian Public Service (APS) Commission gives all APS employees the opportunity to complete the Employee Census. Employees are asked to provide confidential information on matters such as workplace culture, senior leadership, inclusion and wellbeing, and work performance. Once the information is collected, each agency receives a report showing how they measure up on these important issues.

As part of our commitment to open and transparent reporting, and in order to celebrate the outstanding results our agency received, we have released the FSANZ survey results. 

APS Employee Census 2020 - FSANZ Highlights Report

Key findings

74% of employees participated in the census in the 2020 survey, which is comparable to previous years and other APS agencies.

We received overwhelmingly positive responses in areas such as:

  • inclusion and respect in the workplace
  • communication among teams and within the agency
  • support, management and communication regarding health and wellbeing
  • workplace conditions, including benefits and job security
  • workgroup performance.

Particularly, we are pleased to report that our results in 2020 improved on our 2019 results in a number of significant areas, most notably our workplace culture scores, senior leadership scores and our wellbeing index.

Moving forward

Moving forward, we want to commit ourselves to maintaining positive trends and improving where we can. Our priorities include:

  • continuing our FSANZ cultural work to ensure our workplace culture scores remain high
  • strengthening our health and wellbeing commitments
  • reflecting on the COVID-19 crisis and ensuring we can learn from it to further improve our practices
  • working on motivating and inspiring employees through talent development and culture work.



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