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FSANZ Board Statement of Risk Appetite

(December 2015)

FSANZ was established to help achieve: 

  • a high degree of consumer confidence in the quality and safety of food that is produced, processed or sold in, or imported into or exported from, Australia and New Zealand,
  • an effective, transparent and accountable regulatory framework in which industry can work efficiently and
  • the provision of adequate information relating to food to enable consumers to make informed choices.

Strategic intent

For 2015-19 the FSANZ Board has identified five areas of strategic intent, to: 

  • reposition FSANZ in the contemporary food regulatory system as a trusted source of advice on food, a leader in its areas of expertise; an active participant in developing non-regulatory options to manage risks related to food; and a contributor to the development of broader food policy by promoting the use of scientific evidence in policy development.
  • build on FSANZ’s core strengths of scientific/technical excellence and custodian of food-related data and information to establish the agency as a trusted and coherent interpreter of information related to food composition and safety.
  • build on FSANZ’s established relationships with networks of trusted experts and international counterparts to establish a better understanding of emerging risks and practical risk mitigation options.
  • deepen FSANZ’s engagement with stakeholders, and
  • ensure increasing efficiency and effectiveness. 

We have a moderate appetite for risks associated with achieving our strategic intent.

Shared responsibility

Food-related public health and safety is a shared responsibility of the Australian, New Zealand and state and territory governments, industry and consumers. FSANZ is responsible for developing food regulatory measures, for providing information and scientific assessments and for coordinating regulatory activities in consultation with, or at the request of, Australian jurisdictions or New Zealand. 

In the context of the shared responsibility for food-related public health and safety FSANZ has a low appetite for risk. 

Corporate operations

FSANZ is a corporate entity and the FSANZ Board has responsibility under the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act for managing resources. 

In our corporate operations we also have a low appetite for risk.



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