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Food Standards Code from 1 March 2016

An audit of the legal efficacy of the Code was conducted following a decision of the New South Wales Supreme Court in 2009. FSANZ prepared Proposal P1025 to revise the Code to address the issues identified in the audit in consultation with regulators. Amendments to Chapters 1 and 2 of the Code arising from this Proposal were gazetted on 10 April 2015 as part of Amendment 154. These amendments take effect on 1 March 2016.

Access the current Code which ceases to have effect on 1 March 2016.
Access a list of the Standards and the Schedules to which they relate.

FSANZ is aware of a number of minor errors and omissions in the Standards and Schedules which will be amended via a series of proposals during 2015. Amendments made to the current Code from January to February 2015 will be included in Proposal P1036. Amendments made to the MRL Schedule (S20) since January 2015, will be separately captured in a proposal later in 2015. If you come across any errors or omissions which you think we may have missed, please advise standards.management@foodstandards.gov.au.

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You can download the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code from the Australian Government’s ComLaw website or you can purchase a copy of the Code from the following businesses:

Please note that compilations for the revised Code will not be registered on ComLaw until just before 1 March 2016.  To assist stakeholders until the relevant compilations are registered, FSANZ has provided updated standards where applicable, but these versions are for information only and are not to be treated as authoritative versions of the standards.

Standard 5.1.1       Revocation and transitional provisions  2014 revision​ (Standard as of 3 September 2015 (pdf 187kb)​


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