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A472 IAR Intro/Objective (9 October 2002)

2 October 2002


DEADLINE FOR PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS to the Authority in relation to this matter:
20 November 2002

(See 'Invitation for Public Submissions' for details)

Full Report [ pdf 154 kb ]


An application was received from Aria Food Ingredients amba (Denmark) on 17 July 2002 seeking to amend Standard 1.5.1 of the Food Standards Code to permit the use of D-tagatose as a novel food ingredient. This application is at the initial assessment stage under section 14 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991.


The objective of this assessment is to determine whether it is appropriate to amend the Food Standards Code and permit the use of D-tagatose. Such an amendment to the Food Standards Code will need to be consistent with the section 10 objectives of FSANZ Act.

In developing or varying a food standard, FSANZ is required by its legislation to meet three primary objectives, which are set out in Section 10 of the FSANZ Act. These are:

  • the protection of public health and safety;
  • the provision of adequate information relating to food to enable consumers to make informed choices; and
  • the prevention of misleading or deceptive conduct.

In developing and varying standards, FSANZ must also have regard to:

  • the need for standards to be based on risk analysis using the best available scientific evidence;
  • the promotion of consistency between domestic and international food standards;
  • the desirability of an efficient and internationally competitive food industry;
  • the promotion of fair trading in food; and
  • any written policy guidelines formulated by the Ministerial Council.

Full Report [ pdf 154 kb ]


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