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Notification Circular 213-22

​​​​1 September 2022


This Notification Circular includes notices that are required to be given to the public, submitters and appropriate government agencies under the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (FSANZ Act).

Details on the gazettal notification from the notice below were published on 1 September 2022. For information about progress on all current applications and proposals, including anticipated consultation opportunities, see the FSANZ Food Standards Development Work Plan.

New applications and proposals

FSANZ has completed an administrative assessment and accepted the following application:

General procedure

  • Application A1257– Stingless Bee Honey: To amend the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code to include a definition, compositional requirements and requirement for a prescribed name for honey produced by stingless bees native to Australia.

Date received: 7 July 2022

Amendment No. 211

Amendment No. 211 ​to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code was published by FSANZ on 1 September 2022 (FSC 151). It included amendments resulting from the following Application and Proposal.

Further information is available on the FSANZ Gazette web page.

Information Publication Scheme – Important information for applicants and submitters

Under the Information Publication Scheme, all applications to change the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, as well as submissions on applications and proposals, will be published on our website.

We will not publish any material provided in-confidence. Application documents will be published when we call for submissions. Where large numbers of documents are involved, FSANZ will make these available on request rather than publishing on the website. Submissions are published as soon as possible after the end of the public comment period.

Other matters

Amendment to Standard 1.4.2 – Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) [Australia only]

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has notified FSANZ of applications or variations to the APVMA MRL Standard that the APVMA considers will likely result in variations to Schedule 20 of Standard 1.4.2 if they are granted.

More information on these notifications can be obtained at Maximum residue limits – variations.

Calls for public comment – Proposed variations to Standard 1.4.2

The APVMA has called for public comment on a number of proposed variations to Schedule 20 of Standard 1.4.2. Information can be found on the APVMA website.

Gazettal of amendments to Standard 1.4.2

The APVMA has registered a number of amendments to Schedule 20 of Standard 1.4.2 on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments. For further information, go to the ComLaw website.  

Contact us

If you wish to be advised of developments with any of the matters listed above or require more information about anything in this Circular, email standards.management@foodstandards.gov.au.

To make a submission or ask about submissions, email submissions@foodstandards.gov.au.

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Food Secretariat

In accordance with the Food Regulation Agreement, the Australian Government Department of Health is responsible for providing secretariat services to the Food Ministers' Meeting, the Food Regulation Standing Committee and the Implementation Subcommittee for Food Regulation.

Visit the Food Regulation website or email the Food Regulation Secretariat for more information foodregulationsecretariat@health.gov.au

​Previous Notification Circulars and Gazettes are available on the FSANZ website. The FSANZ Work Plan also provides information on other applications and proposals. 



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