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User guides to the Food Standards Code

(June 2016)



The guides, unlike the standards, are not legally binding. If in any doubt about interpreting the standards, you should seek independent legal advice.

FSANZ disclaims any liab​ility for any loss or injury directly or indirectly sustained by any person as a result of any reliance upon (including reading or using) this guide. Any person relying on this guide should seek independent legal advice in relation to any queries they may have regarding obligations imposed under the standards in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.


On 1 March 2016, a revised version of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code was introduced to make it clearer and to ensure it better meets the needs of stakeholders.

The changes make substantial improvements to the clarity of requirements for the labelling of food.

Please note the guides below were prepared for the previous version of the Food Standards Code. FSANZ is currently considering the future of the guides and what information will be provided to stakeholders.

Food Safety Standards (Australia only)




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