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Fluoride in bottled water

(June 2016)

The Food Standards Code allows between 0.6 and 1.0 milligrams of fluoride (including naturally occurring and added fluoride) per litre of bottled water. This is the same level recommended for drinking water to provide benefits for dental health.

A FSANZ risk assessment (Application A588 - Final Assessment Report) found there is a history of safe use of fluoride in tap water at this level. Fluoridated bottled water (at the approved levels) is nutritionally equivalent to fluoridated tap water.

Not all bottled water contains fluoride. However, all bottled water with fluoride added must be clearly labelled.

Bottled water with added fluoride is safe for everyone and plain bottled water (but not natural or sparkling mineral water or soda water) can be used to make up infant formula. Remember to follow the preparation instructions on the formula label.

More information

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