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Review of titanium dioxide as a food additive – call for data

​​(July 2021)

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is calling for data on titanium dioxide and its safety when used as a food additive in Australia and New Zealand.

Information supplied through the call will assist FSANZ in reviewing the safety of titanium dioxide as a food additive following the recent release of an updated safety assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Titanium dioxide is a food additive typically used to enhance the colour and appearance of foods.

It is approved for use in certain foods sold in Australia and New Zealand as well as overseas, and has been used for decades.

EFSA's expert Panel on Food Additives and Flavourings recently concluded that although the evidence for general toxic effects was not conclusive, titanium dioxide can no longer be considered safe as a food additive.

FSANZ, in consultation with our independent scientific advisory groups, is now reviewing the EFSA assessment as well as existing evidence on the safety of titanium dioxide as a food additive. This review will consider whether any actions may be required to protect the health and safety of Australian and New Zealand consumers.

To help inform our assessment, we are seeking information from interested parties regarding the particle size of titanium dioxide used in food as well as relevant information on its safety as a food additive.

More details on the information we are seeking, as well as how to submit data, can be found in the Call for Data document below.

Call for data on titanium dioxide:  (Word 138KB) | (PDF 229KB)

Open for submissions 8 July 2021 – 17 September 2021

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