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Novel food - Record of views formed in response to inquiries

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Last updated: April​ 2023

This document provides a record of views formed and actions taken in relation to Standard 1.5.1 – Nov​el Foods of the Code​.

It lists foods and food ingredients with views regarding their status as non-traditional/novel foods. Prior to March 2008, these views were reached by the now superseded Novel Food Reference Group (NFRG) either alone or in consultation with Senior Food Officers of the Australian, state, territory and New Zealand governments, as well as the then Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.

Since March 2008, the views recorded are the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods (ANCF) (blue text in the table below). Although the FSANZ NFRG no longer exists, the views formed by this group still represent a considered judgement of the product on the basis of information provided by inquirers as well as some independent research by FSANZ.

Other foods and food ingredients not included in the table have been considered in response to inquiries. However, views in relation to these items have not yet been formed, pending receipt of further information requested from the inquirer.

Enforcement of the Code is the responsibility of the Australian state and territory governments, the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment at the border, and the New Zealand Government. Accordingly, the interpretation and application of Standard 1.5.1, including decisions about the novelty of a food or food ingredient, is ultimately the responsibility of those jurisdictions.


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