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NPC support

We are aware of issues relating to our free nutrition panel calculator and we're working on a new version that will address these issues. The new system is expected to take some time to develop. In the meantime we will continue to monitor the NPC and will work to quickly restore the calculator when issues are identified. We appreciate your patience while the new system is being developed.

Problems displaying the NPC and help to unblock the NPC:

Due to an upgrade of our security requirements, some newer browsers may block access to the NPC.

Mac users:

If you are using Safari on a Mac you will be unable to access the NPC. Please try another browser (i.e. Chrome).


Click on the arrow (on the right of the popup box) which opens up the second screen and select “Disable protection for now".

​Step 1:Step 2:​



Padlock vs shield - depending on which version of Chrome you may have a padlock or a shield appearing next to your address bar:



Click the padlock next to the website address on the left hand side of the address bar.

Select > site settings

A new window will open, scroll down to the end of the list and choose > options > allow from the drop down list.

This will allow insecure content to be displayed.

You can then return to the blank screen on the NPC and refresh the page (F5) and the NPC should appear.

Chrome users should only need to do this once and the settings should remain each time you access the calculator.



Click the shield icon that appears beside the address bar at the top of the website. Then click 'load unsafe script'.


You can then return to the blank screen on the NPC and refresh the page (F5) and the NPC should appear.

Internet Explorer 10:

If your browser indicates that 'Only secure content is displayed', you will need to click the 'Show all content' button to use the NPC.



Please note that browsers such as Chrome or Firefox are the best options for using the NPC. If you are still experiencing issues please contact the NPC team for further assistance.


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