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​​You can contact the media unit by calling 0401 714 265 (Australia) or +61 401 714 265 (from New Zealand) or email us at

If your question relates to a food complaint or a food safety issue you need to contact an enforcement agency. Food standards are enforced by the states and territories (usually their health or human services departments) or, in some cases, by local government. These authorities regularly check food products for compliance with the Food Standards Code. ​​

Only Australian states and territories and the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries have enforcement powers. While these jurisdictions have the power to mandate a recall, most recalls are initiat​ed by the food business. FSANZ has no enforcement powers so cannot mandate, order or force a recall to occur. FSANZ coordinates the recall with the relevant jurisdiction and the food business.

The Imported Food Inspection Scheme is administered by the Departmen​t of Agriculture and Water Resources​. The department is responsible for inspecting and sampling imported food.  

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Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation communiqués

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For information about food recalls visit our food recalls page.   

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  • Food Standards News (email newsletter published monthly) contains regular standard updates
  • Food Standards Notification Circular - advice on progress with applications and proposals, including reports released for public comment, and lists the amendments to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.
  • Food Recall Alerts - Australian food recall alerts are issued via email to inform the public of new consumer level recall

Speaking requests

We accept many invitations to speak at conferences and events. However there are times when it is not possible for a FSANZ staff member to attend. Please read our speaker engagement policy if you would like a FSANZ staff member to speak at an event.

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FSANZ currently operates Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. View our social media acceptable use policy.



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