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Regulatory science at FSANZ

​​​​​(October 2019) 

The risk analysis framework that we use to support regulatory decision-making is based on the model used by Codex, incorporating risk assessment, risk management and risk communication. This model is refined to ensure the minimum regulatory burdens necessary on the food industry and to achieve a more fit-for-purpose approach to risk analysis. Regulatory science is a key component of this model. You can read more on our risk analysis web page[1].

Regulatory science is a broad discipline, grounded in a fundamental knowledge of science and regulation. It consists of the application of science to support policy, notably regulatory objectives. It requires integration of a large variety of scientific fields, the development of new methods, and the ability to synthesise information from many sources to quantify risk and support regulatory and other policy objectives.

We have the largest government concentration of specialist food regulatory experts across Australasia with extensive scientific expertise in a range of disciplines and technical capabilities. Our unique combination of people work together and share expert knowledge to solve complex regulatory problems. This diversity, complemented by our organisational structure, allows for impartial, rigorous science on which to base our regulatory decisions.

Our evidence base and scientific data that is specifically applicable to the Australia and New Zealand landscape are key resources. We have trusted and established networks with domestic and international stakeholders that support and inform our work.

In undertaking our work, we carefully prioritise our scientific activities and our investment in the science that is aligned to impact our broader objectives. Our risk assessments are based on the best available scientific evidence, methods and tools to quantify risk, and are proportionate to the risks that are being managed.

The Strategy aims to ensure safe food across Australia and New Zealand through a robust regulatory science framework meeting the needs of all stakeholders (Figure 1).




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