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Appendix 3: External FSANZ committee members

FSANZ could not operate effectively without the assistance and advice from a number of committees whose members have been selected for their skills and knowledge and who have been drawn from a wide range of industry, academia, consumer interests and government bodies. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the members of the committees and groups listed below during 2015−16, which either met formally face-to-face or by teleconference, or provided advice to FSANZ by other means.

Committees and groups
Advisory Committee on Novel Foods

Purpose: to consider and provide recommendations to FSANZ on whether particular foods are likely to meet the definition of novel food in Standard 1.5.1.
Allergen Collaboration

Purpose: to strengthen engagement and collaboration amongst a range of key stakeholders to enhance the effectiveness of risk management of food allergens, with the objective of supporting consumers to make safer food choices.
Consumer and Public Health Dialogue

Purpose: to provide a forum for FSANZ to consult in-depth with peak consumer and public health bodies and key academics to improve our understanding of community food safety and public health issues, and provide a more effective food regulatory response.
Health Claims Scientific Advisory Group

Purpose: to provide advice on the quality of evidence relating to food-health relationships for assessing health claims.
Jurisdictional Technical Forum

Purpose: to provide an additional means for jurisdictions to participate in the FSANZ standard-setting process and engage in informed discussion around specific issues related to standards development.
Jurisdictional Policy Forum

Purpose: to provide a high level consultative mechanism for discussion on food regulation policy matters arising from FSANZ's work program, prior to any consideration by the Food Regulation Standing Committee.
Packaging Advisory Group

Purpose: to provide advice and information on chemicals used in packaging and chemical migration from packaging into food, quality assurance and quality control systems, sourcing and use of packaging materials in the food sector, and consumer concerns.
Retailers and Manufacturers Liaison Committee

Purpose: to provide an opportunity to maintain ongoing dialogue between FSANZ and industry through informed discussion on standards development and food safety emergencies.
Scientific Nanotechnology Advisory Committee

Purpose: to provide advice and information to FSANZ on matters relating to nanotechnology and food safety.
Social Sciences and Economics Advisory Group

Purpose: to provide expert social sciences and economics advice to FSANZ to assist FSANZ in developing and reviewing the social sciences and economics evidence base underpinning its decisions.
ISFR Surveillance and Monitoring Working Group

Purpose: to achieve collective and strategic data generation through the coordination and integration of surveillance and monitoring activities to address ISFR priorities.


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