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Appendix 8: FSANZ representation

International forums attended

Date International committee meeting or conference Who attended Country
3–6 November 2015 European Network on Taeniosis/Cysticercosis (CYSTINET) International Conference and visit to UK Food Standards Agency Jamie Conlan Belgrade, Serbia and London, UK
23–27 November 2015 37th session, Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses Janine Lewis Germany
14–18 March 2016 48th session, Codex Committee on Food Additives Steve Crossley

Mark Fitzroy
4–8 April
10th session, Codex Committee on Contaminants in Food Leigh Henderson The Netherlands
8–9 April
International food Chemical Safety Liaison Group meeting Leigh Henderson The Netherlands
19–21 April 2016 23rd Meeting of the OECD Task Force for the Safety of Novel Foods and Feeds Lisa Kelly France
18 April
OECD Workshop on High Through-put DNA Sequencing in the Safety Assessment of Genetically Engineered Plants Lisa Kelly France
10–13 May
Prion 2016 Hong Jin Tokyo
19–22 June
2016 Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis Europe Hong Jin Bath, UK

Speaking engagements

Date Event Presenter(s) Title
16 July
Speaker at Agriworld 2015 Conference Jamie Conlan Taking a whole of value chain approach to food safety
28 July
Speaker at ILSI AACCI Symposium on Sustainability, Genetics and New Technologies (Melbourne) Janet Gorst The regulatory approach — across all new plant breeding technologies
11 August
Speaker at 2015 AIFST/Food Microbiology Conference Marion Healy A decade of through-chain microbiological regulation: The PPP Story
11 August
Speaker at 2015 AIFST/Food Microbiology Conference Michelle Robertson Current State of Play for Microbiological Food Safety and Foodborne Illness in Australia
11 August
Speaker at 2015 AIFST/Food Microbiology Conference Duncan Craig Beyond PPP — The Future of Microbiological Risk Assessment
17 August
Lecture to Public Health Dietetics Students, University of Otago Kim Crawley FSANZ
23 September 2015 Lecture at Australian National University for the Biology, Science and Ethics course Lisa Kelly GM Food
30 October 2015 National Measurement Institute. 10th Food Sector Advisory Committee Meeting Jane Allen Food Regulation — enabling innovation of safe foods
9–10 November 2015 Australian Food Safety Week 2015
Department of Health Food Unit (Western Australia) Seminar series (Perth)
Marisa Bialowas FSANZ Labelling Standards
27 November 2015 Speaker at Regulatory Science Network Forum Duncan Craig Data gaps, diarrhoea and dilemmas, Microbiological Risk Assessment
3 February
NZ Ministry for Primary Industries Regulatory and Science workshop for High Value Nutrition programme (Wellington) Dr Diane Bourn FSANZ health claims work post implementation of Standard 1.2.7 — Nutrition, Health and Related Claims
March 2016
Annual food safety and compliance conference (Auckland) Leigh Henderson Developments in the Food Standards Code — what changes are being considered which affect what can be put in food?
12 April 2016 FoodLegal Symposium: The future is here: Nice food product developments — New opportunities and regulatory solutions (Melbourne) Jonathon Kite Update on FSANZ Proposal P1024: Developing a new regulatory framework for nutritive substances and novel foods
20 April 2016 Lecture to 3rd year Food for a Healthy Planet students, University of Melbourne Janet Gorst Issues in the regulation (or not) of food produced using new breeding technologies
11 May 2016 Prion 2016 (Tokyo) Hong Jin Key Features of the Australian BSE Food Safety Assessment Process (a poster presentation)
31 May 2016 World probiotics congress (Chicago) Leigh Henderson Regulation of probiotics in Australia and New Zealand
6 June 2016 World plant toxin forum (Winnipeg) Leigh Henderson Challenges faced by Food Regulators in Australia and New Zealand related to plant toxins
14 June 2016 EuropaBio Workshop Back to Basics: Risk assessment principles for GM plants Lisa Kelly Allergenicity assessment in Australia
20 June 2016 2016 Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis — Europe (Bath) Hong Jin Evidence-based decision making: the Australian BSE policy and its implementation
28 June 2016 Lecture to Australian National University, Research School of Population Health Jamie Conlan Food safety and quality


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