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Appendix 10: Published Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

​​​​​(October 2019)

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Dorothy Mackerras


Singh G, Mackerras D et al. Iodine status of young Indigenous and non-Indigenous adults in the Top End: pre- and post-mandatory fortification. Medical Journal of Australia (in press)

Dr Lisa Kelly


Australia (Dr Lisa Kelly from FSANZ) has had leader authorship on the following OECD publication “Consensus Document on Compositional Considerations forNew Varieties of COWPEA (Vigna unguiculata): KeyFoodand Feed Nutrients,Anti-nutrients and Other Constituents".

Published as No. 30 in the Series on the Safety for Novel Foods and Feeds, it is now available on the OECD BioTrack public website. Cowpea is a highly-nutritious legume cultivated predominantly in Africa, as well as in South America and Asia. It can be used for food, fodder and green manure. Given the importance of the crop, this publication should be of particular interest to readers.

Prof Dorothy Mackerras


Singh G, Davison B, Ma G, Eastman C, Mackerras D. Iodine status of young Indigenous and non-Indigenous adults in the Top End: pre- and post-mandatory fortification. Medical Journal of Australia (in press).

P1028 Infant Formula focus group research


Malek, L., Fowler, H., Duffy, G., & Katzer, L. (2018). Informed choice or guessing game? Understanding caregivers' perceptions and use of infant formula labelling. Public Health Nutrition, 1-14.

This research was commissioned by FSANZ to understand caregivers' interpretation and use of the following labelling elements on infant formula products: the nutrition information statement, the ingredients list, and nutrition content and health claims. The findings from this research will inform FSANZ's assessment of Proposal P1028 – Infant Formula.

Verger P. Arcella D., Boobis A., Cressey P., Dutra-Caldas E., Erdely H., Fattori V., Leblanc J.C., Lipp M., Reuss R., Scheid S., Tritscher A., van der Velde T.


Harmonised methodology to assess chronic dietary exposure to residues from compounds used as pesticide and veterinary drugs.

Critical Reviews in Toxicology, Published online 28 March 2019.

Alan Boobis, Carl Cerniglia, Alan Chicoine, Vittorio Fattori, Markus Lipp, Rainer Reuss, Philippe Verger, Angelika Tritscher


Characterising chronic and acute health risks of residues of veterinary drugs in food: latest methodological developments by the joint FAO/WHO expert committee on food additives.

Critical Reviews in Toxicology Volume 47, 2017, Issue 10.

Mackerras D.

Mis-match Between the Healthy Food and the Ultra-processed Food Classifications in Australia (OR14-03-19). Curr Dev Nutr. 2019 Jun; 3(Suppl 1): nzz038.OR14-03-19. Published online 2019 Jun 13. doi:10.1093/cdn/nzz038.OR14-03-19


Presentations and contributions to conferences

The First FAO/WHO/AU International Food Safety Conference, ADDIS ABABA February 2019. Digital transformation of the food system (presentation) Mark Booth, Chief Executive Officer, FSANZ

42nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society of Australia November 2018

1. Monitoring the Safety of Intense Sweeteners—An Added Sugars Replacement Dietary Exposure Model. M. de Abreu, D. Mackerras and T. Hambridge

2.Nutrition Safety Assessment of DHA from Canola. R. Alhazzaa and R. Reuss

3.Updated Australian Food Composition Database (Formerly NUTTAB) (presentation). S. Tompsett, R. Sobolewski, A. Craven, D. Ballantyne and J. Cunningham (Consultant)

4.Usual Intake of Trans Fatty Acids by Australian Adults in 2011–12. K. Bathgate, D. Mackerras, T. Hambridge, J. Boorman and P. Atyeo (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

5.The Shape of the Vitamin A Nutrient Intake Distribution Might Vary over Time. Messina (University of Wollongong), T. Hambridge and D. Mackerras

6.Is A Meta-Analysis Always the Best Summary of A Body of Evidence (presentation). D. Mackerras

5th International Vitamin Conference, Sydney, 8-10 August 2018.

1. Abstract submission from Barry Fields (also had a poster)

2. Abstract submission from Shari Thomsett

3. Abstract submission from Dorothy Mackerras (also gave a presentation)

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