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Quick Launch

Australian Branded Food Database

(January 2021)

We're developing a database of the nutrient content of branded foods and beverages sold in Australia.

Having a central source of information on the nutrients in branded foods is an important way to help people make informed decisions about the food they buy. It will also help inform Department of Health public health and nutrition initiatives such as the Healthy Food Partnership Reformulation Program and the Health Star Rating System.

Over time, the database will also link with supermarket transaction data to track food and nutrient consumption patterns in the Australian population.

Initial development of the database is expected to be completed in late 2021.

Next steps

We are working with individual food manufacturers, retailers and GS1-Australia to collect branded food data and ensure the database captures a wide range of food categories and product information, including season specific products.

Where gaps are identified in the dataset, we will undertake targeted data collection.

Data may be collected using other methods once the initial database is established.   

We have set up an industry working group to establish which data is required and the best way to collect and exchange it.

Accuracy of data collected

All data provided to FSANZ will be checked and validated against pre-defined rules as part of the data exchange process. Data providers will be asked to correct and update their data if it doesn't meet these rules.

Some targeted product audits may also be undertaken.

It’s important to note that the data we collect as part of the work is to inform public health initiatives and not for compliance or enforcement purposes.



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