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Monitoring nutrients in our food supply

(January 2019)

FSANZ, together with some other groups, monitors nutrients in the Australian food supply to inform standards development and compile nutrient databases.

We also monitor the food supply to ensure it is safe. Read more about monitoring the safety of the food supply.

In New Zealand, Food Composition activities are undertaken by The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited and the Ministry of Health (New Zealand).

View the New Zealand Food Composition Database.

Australian Food Composition Program

Under the Australian Food Composition Program, FSANZ generates, compiles and publishes high quality Australian reference data on the nutrient composition of foods. This involves:

  • maintaining a custom-built data management system
  • generating nutrient composition data for Australian foods through nutrient analysis and other established food composition techniques
  • compiling the data generated for publication as electronic databases
  • managing a web-based labelling tool (NPC)
  • generating specialised datasets for food standards development work and monitoring food standards post-implementation
  • generating specialised datasets for use in national nutrition surveys, for example the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey (NNPAS) component of the 2011-13 Australian Health Survey.

We commission external peer reviews of our scientific processes and other work areas to ensure our scientific output aligns with international best practice and continues to meet the objectives outlined in the FSANZ Act. 

Read the peer review of our food composition program

More information

For more information about food and nutrient composition, please contact us.

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