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​AUSNUT 2007 is Food Standards Australia New Zealand's (FSANZ) survey specific nutrient database developed for estimating nutrient intakes from foods, beverages and dietary supplements consumed as part of the 2007 National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey (‘the Survey’). For further information on the Survey methodology and outcomes please refer to www.health.gov.au.
The AUSNUT 2007 database contains 37 nutrient values for 4,225 foods, beverages and dietary supplements consumed during the Survey. It contains analytical data published in NUTTAB 2006 and from the FSANZ 2006 analytical program, as well as nutrient data borrowed from overseas food composition tables, food label information, imputed data from similar foods or data calculated using a recipe approach.
AUSNUT 2007 is available in two formats.
  • Four core Microsoft ExcelTM Files located on the FSANZ website. This version is suitable for users who want to look up specific food, nutrient and measure information quickly.
  • Nine complete Database Files available upon request directly to FSANZ via email. This version is suitable for users who want to upload information directly into specialised databases or into Microsoft ExcelTM spreadsheets for manipulation.

Uses of AUSNUT 2007

AUSNUT 2007 is suitable:
  • as a guide to food consumption and the nutrient composition of Australian foods consumed at a particular point in time
  • for estimating nutrient intakes for a population or population sub-group

Limitations of food composition data

Before relying on the information presented in AUSNUT 2007, you should carefully evaluate its accuracy, completeness and relevance for your purposes, and should consider the need to obtain appropriate expert advice relevant to your particular circumstances.
AUSNUT 2007 has been developed specifically for use with the 2007 National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey and therefore may not necessarily be appropriate for use with other surveys e.g. it may be more appropriate to use AUSNUT 1999 when analysing data from the 1995 National Nutrition Survey (for a copy of AUSNUT 1999 please contact FSANZ). When using or comparing nutrient data across surveys, consideration must be given to survey methods and operations such as questionnaire wording, data processing methods, and the way nutrients are reported in the survey database.
There are inherent limitations associated with food composition databases. The nutrient composition of foods and ingredients can vary substantially between batches and brands because of a number of factors, including changes in season, processing practices and ingredient source.
In addition, any reference to a brand name product contained in AUSNUT 2007 is not an authoritative statement of the composition of that product, because changes in formulation may have occurred since the FSANZ data were generated. If you require current data on a specific branded product you should contact the manufacturer of that product.
While FSANZ has made considerable effort to ensure the quality of data in AUSNUT 2007, FSANZ makes no warranty that the information contained in AUSNUT 2007 will be free from error, or if used will ensure compliance with the relevant requirements of the Food Standards Code.

Supporting Documentation

For all supporting documentation relating to AUSNUT 2007 click here.

Copyright Reproduction Licence Agreement

Interested parties wanting to reproduce AUSNUT 2007 nutrient data will firstly need to sign a Copyright Reproduction Licence Agreement. You can contact us HERE for further information.


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