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Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is an independent statutory agency established by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (FSANZ Act). FSANZ is part of the Australian Government's Health portfolio.

FSANZ develops standards that regulate the use of ingredients, processing aids, colourings, additives, vitamins and minerals. The Food Standards Code also covers the composition of some foods, e.g. dairy, meat and beverages as well as foods developed by new technologies such as genetically modified foods. We are also responsible for some labelling requirements for packaged and unpackaged food, e.g. specific mandatory warnings or advisory labels. FSANZ also develops Australia-only primary production and processing standards.

The FSANZ Board has endorsed a position statement explaining how FSANZ applies the three section 18 (core) objectives of the FSANZ Act to the development of food standards.

Read the position statement on how FSANZ applies section 18 core objectives (word 34.6 kb) (pdf 21.4 kb)

Overarching food policy is set by the ministers in Australia and New Zealand that are responsible for food regulation. These ministers make up the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation. The Forum develops food regulatory policy and policy guidelines that FSANZ must have regard to when setting food standards.

The Forum has general oversight of the implementation of standards. When we develop standards, the Forum has the capacity to adopt, amend or reject them and to ask us to review them, or create new ones.

The FSANZ Act requires FSANZ to have regard, among other matters, to the objective of achieving consistency between domestic and international food standards when it is considering the development of the Food Standards Code. However, FSANZ’s legislation does not permit us to adopt international standards directly. Read more about the use of international standards and assessments.

Read more about what we do and don't do.​

​How we’re organised

FSANZ has offices in Canberra, Australia, and Wellington, New Zealand. We are governed by a Board with a wide range of expertise and experience in food matters, with members drawn from Australia and New Zealand.

Our vision 

Vision: A safe food supply protecting and supporting the health of people in Australia and New Zealand.

​Corporate documents

Through the Corporate Plan, the FSANZ Board sets the culture and directions for the agency over three years.

Our Annual ​​​​​Report provides a summary of our achievements of the past year and a preview of the year ahead.

The FSANZ Governance Framework provides information about our governance. 
The FSANZ Board has developed a risk appetite statement. Read the statement here: Revised Risk Appetite Statement
Our Fraud Policy Statement and Fraud Control Plan outlines our strategic approach and operational response to fraud.

Stakeholder Engagement

Find out more about our role, our boundaries and how you can contribute to the stakeholder engagement processes.

Read our 2017 Stakeho​​lder Survey report (pdf 122kb) | (word 133kb)​​ 

​Requests for tender

From time to time FSANZ releases requests for tender. Read current requests for tender​ 


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