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Labelling review recommendation 12

(May 2017)  

Recommendation 12 of an independent review of food labelling stated that where sugars, fats or vegetable oils are added as separate ingredients in a food, the terms 'added sugars' and 'added fats' and/or 'added vegetable oils' be used in the ingredient list as the generic term, followed by a bracketed list (e.g., added sugars (fructose, glucose syrup, honey), added fats (palm oil, milk fat) or added vegetable oils (sunflower oil, palm oil).

Ministers responsible for food regulation asked FSANZ to undertake a technical evaluation and provide advice on the recommendation. FSANZ has completed this work.

At their meeting in November 2016, ministers noted FSANZ's technical evaluation identified that labelling of sugars and fats/vegetable oils is a very complex issue and that there have been a number of developments in food labelling and dietary advice since the initial labelling review was undertaken. Ministers agreed that consideration of the recommendation should continue as two separate pieces of work as follows:

  • Food Regulation Standing Committee (FRSC) to lead policy work with the intention of identifying next steps in relation to naming sources of fats and oils to support consumers to make informed choices consistent with Australian and New Zealand dietary guidelines.
  • FSANZ, in consultation with the FRSC, to prepare a program of work to further investigate labelling approaches for providing information on sugars.

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