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Notifying your food enforcement agency

It is important that all businesses that make or sell food are known to enforcement agencies so that these agencies can ensure that food businesses are handling food safely.

The food safety standards require all food businesses to provide the following information to the appropriate enforcement agency before any food handling begins:

  • contact details for the business, including the name of the business and the name and address of the proprietor;
  • the nature of the business; and
  • the location of all food premises that are within the jurisdiction of the enforcement agency.

Any changes must also be notified to the enforcement agency.

What is a food business?

The definition of a food business includes any activity where food is sold and specifically includes activities undertaken by charities and community organisations.

What is the enforcement agency?

If your business is located in a state, that is, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia or Western Australia, the enforcement agency is likely to be your local council. If your business is located in the Northern Territory or the Australian Capital Territory, the enforcement agency will be your local health department.

How to notify

Contact your local council or health department for information on how to notify. It may be easier for your charity or community organisation to nominate one person to deal with notification requirements. This person can then discuss the requirements with the local council or health department. Simplified notification arrangements may be in place for businesses operated by charities and community organisations in your state or territory.

Page last updated 2 July 2024