Agents of Foodborne Illness

Agents of Foodborne Illness is a technical series for the food industry, food safety consultants and food regulators. It contains information about pathogens that cause foodborne illness including:

  • growth and survival characteristics
  • symptoms of disease
  • virulence factors
  • epidemiological data including a summary of large, well-document outbreaks
  • occurrence in food
  • susceptible populations
  • dose-response relationship.

The technical series considers bacteria and viruses, parasites and infectious prions. It is not intended as a comprehensive reference source. Each document also contains a list of recommended reading, such as the US Food and Drug Administration's
Bad Bug Book.

Additional resources for food businesses on preparing safe food are available, such as the
CSIRO Guide to Food Safety - Make it Safe

For consumer and public health information, please refer to you
state or territory health department website or visit the
Food Safety Information Council.