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AUSNUT 2011-13 food measures database file

The food measures database contains information on 16,152 commonly reported measures for foods consumed during the 2011-13 Australian Health Survey (AHS) as set out in Table 5.

Table 5: Summary of information included in the Measures Database File

Column Heading
Description of data
Food ID FSANZ specific 8-digit alpha numeric food identification code.
Survey ID AHS specific 8-digit numeric food identification code.
Food Name Identifies as accurately as possible the food or beverage consumed during the AHS.
Survey flag Identifies foods that are specific to certain components of the AHS such as the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey (NNPAS) and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanded Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey (NATSINPAS).  If the field is blank then the food is relevant to both components of the AHS. 
Measure ID FSANZ specific 5 digit numeric measure identification code.
Quantity The number of food measures, for example 1
Measure Descriptor 1 The major measure descriptor, for example biscuit
Measure Descriptor 2 The sub-major measure descriptor, for example round or square
Measure Descriptor 3 The minor measure descriptor, for example regular or mini
Measure Descriptor 4 The brand specific measure descriptor, for example all brands or Arnott's
Gram Weight The mass of the food measure in grams.
Volume The volume of the food measure in milliliters if applicable.
Measure Derivation Describes where the measure came from. Includes descriptions such as Label Data, Borrowed, Imputed, Estimated etc.
Measure Deviation Description More detailed description of the measure derivation. Includes information on how the measure was estimated or from which product label the measure was taken.
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