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Information for charities and community organisations

Charities and community organisations play an important role in our community, and fundraising events are a major contribution to the work of the community. But no one wants people to get sick from the food they eat at these events.

In Australia, the food laws place many responsibilities on the proprietor of a food business. If you are the organiser of an event or an official of a charity or community organisation that is selling food, you need to be aware of these responsibilities.

If you understand your legal responsibilities and plan your events properly and in good time, complying with the law is straightforward.

The information below provides a guide to requirements you may need to meet. However you may wish to contact your local council or state/territory enforcement agency to find out if your area has other requirements. Find your local enforcement contact.

An introduction to Food Safety Standards (html) | (pdf 142kb)

Notification (html) | (pdf 54kb)

Skills and knowledge (html) | (pdf 61kb)


Temperature control (html) | (pdf 67kb)

Sausage sizzles and barbecues (html) | (pdf 60kb)

Preparing and cooking food (html) | (pdf 69kb)

Transporting food (html) | (pdf 60kb)

Camping (html) | (pdf 65kb)

Health and hygiene for food handlers (html) | (pdf 69kb)



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