Proposal P1059 - Energy labelling on alcoholic beverages

FSANZ has assessed Proposal P1059 to consider amending the Code to require the declaration of energy (kilojoule) content information, in a prescribed format, on the label of packaged alcoholic beverages.  ​

Public call for submissions - now closed​

FSANZ invited written submissions on the assessment of P1059. Submissions closed 20 March 2023. A total of 62 (plus 2 late) submissions were received. 

​​Consumer research report​​

In response to the submissions received, FSANZ has undertaken consumer research to compare the effects of different energy labelling formats on consumer perceptions and behaviours. The findings of this research provide valuable evidence to inform our assessment of how energy content information can be provided to help consumers best understand the information and make informed choices. 

P1059 Consumer research report – Energy Labelling on alcoholic beverages: The effects of various labelling formats on consumer perceptions and behavioural intentions.


More information​

Our administrative assessment to start work on Proposal P1059 is below. 

​​​​FSANZ commenced this proposal following an evidence assessment, consumer literature review and options analysis for energy labelling of alcoholic beverages.  ​

For further information on this work, please see En​​ergy ​labelling​ of alcoholic beverages.​ ​