Proposal P1007 - Primary Production & Processing Requirements For Raw Milk Products


This Proposal seeks to address issues in relation to production and sale of raw milk products in Australia arising from inconsistent legislation currently applying to domestic and imported dairy products, applications to FSANZ to permit raw milk products and any public health and safety issues from consumption of raw milk products.

Approval Report - 2 May 2012 (pdf 212 kb)


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2nd Assessment Report - 19 August 2011 (pdf 241 kb)

Submissions (zip file 18.5 mb) - received on the below report

1st Assessment report - 16 December 2009 (pdf 393 kb) and Guiding questions for submitters - Assessment Report (pdf 145 kb). Supporting documents are listed below:

Discussion paper 6 August 2008 (pdf 129 kb)

Administrative Assessment - 16 July 2008 (pdf 28 kb)