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27th Australian Total Diet Study

​​​​​​​​​​​​Last updated: December 2021

The 27th ATDS investigated levels of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl (PFAS) in a range of foods and beverages common to the Australian diet.

The study tested for 30 different types PFAS, in 1,336 composite samples, representing 112 commonly eaten foods sourced from all Australian states and territories. Samples were taken across two seasons (Autumn and Summer) to account for seasonal variations.


The study found that Australian consumers' exposure to PFAS through food and beverages is very low and poses no food safety concerns.

Only one type of PFAS - perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) - was detected at low levels in less than 2% of all foods sampled.

PFAS levels were well below Australian guidance values, including FSANZ trigger points for site investigation and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) drinking water guidelines.

The overall dietary exposure to PFOS for the general Australian population is lower than the Tolerable Daily Intake indicating no public health and safety concerns. 


Overall, the 27th ATDS found:

  • PFAS levels in the Australian food supply are very low
  • there are no public health and safety concerns for the general Australian population, and
  • there is no current need for additional risk management measures (like maximum levels) in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.​

​Full Report  

PDF [​535 KB]


​Appendix 1: Compounds analysed, analytical limits and methods for the 27th ATDS
PDF [157 KB]

Appendix 2: Overview of 27th ATDS samples, including food sampling, food preparation instructions and food mapping

Excel [51 KB] 

Appendix 3: Summary of PFOS analytical results for 27th ATDS samples​

PDF [388 KB]

Appendix 4: Detailed PFAS analytical results for 27th ATDS food samples
Excel [4.48 MB] 

Appendix 5:  Detailed dietary exposure results for the 27th ATDS
Excel [62 KB]

PFAS and Immunomodulation: Review and Update   

To support the 27th ATDS, FSANZ also undertook a review of recent studies concerning the potential of PFAS to affect the human immune system. The review concluded that although some statistical associations were found, there is a lack of consistent evidence that PFAS at levels of environmental exposure are harmful to the human immune system. ​

Read the PFAS and Immunomodulation: Review and Update PDF [945 KB]



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